Are you a Team or are you a Group?

The words team and group are often used interchangeably, just as ghost and spirit, and ghost hunting and paranormal investigation.

There are huge differences between a team and a group.  F.E.A.R. is a Paranormal Investigative Team.  Let's look at what the differences are between team and group.  Further, we will look at some differences between paranormal investigation vs ghost hunting, and spirit vs ghost.  This can help you decide on which is best for you to become part of.

If Paranormal Investigation is not for you and Ghost Hunting seems to fit more, then check out the Facebook page called, Ghost Hunting from Calhoun County and Beyond.  This is a new group that will be doing ghost hunting tours of haunted locations.  

                      Team                                                               Group

1.  A group of individuals that share a common goal.

2.  Individuals share a mutual accountability and work together

3.  Build deeper relationships, more like family

4.  Usually share a common cause or goal

5.  Healthy Collaboration and each individual contributes

Paranormal Investigation

1.  Usually more low key, more private

2.  Typically more in depth research

3.  Interested and may look for anything paranormal


1.  Dead person or animal that have crossed the realms of the real world and have been to the afterworld.  They are not stuck in their afterlife and have the ability to revisit the physical world.

2.  Comes back to comfort , uses symbols, sounds and smells that remind us of them.

3.  There are various types of spirits, such as loved ones, angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

4.  A higher consciousness,  more of a mental connection.  You just know that they are there, no fear provoking

1.  Collection of individuals that coordinate their efforts

2.  Work more independently and have individual accountability

3.  Build temporary relationships

4.  May not share a common goal

5.  Individuals are more disconnected, lack of communication

Ghost Hunting

1. More social, often tied into publicity or fanfare, more social, especially around Halloween

2.  Usually rely too much on equipment and not enough research

3.  Only looking for ghosts


1.  The souls of dead who are not able to cross the line between the real world and the afterlife.  

2.  Ghosts can be aggressive, usually associated with a sudden or tragic passing and stay in the last area that they were in at the time.

3.  They struggle with understanding present, past and future.  They are not able to reason.

4.  They are known to not only be seen, but change the smell of a room, move objects, control the temperature and speak.