Interesting Stuff

I don't get along well with technology.  It might be awhile until I can figure out how to get EVP's over to the page.  I also have to go through my albums to find out what pics I have and upload the rest of them in time.

Some of the seriously Haunted objects that I DID have

 My interview at Carters Tavern with Sarah Bloom from WSET 13

Hmm the hospital nursery known for nurse that makes herself known

My favorite prison, much activity

An interesting theater with activity close by

An house with a violent history in southern MI

Middle Point School, Ohio

Oak Ridge Plantation, beautiful and great place to investigate

My friends Haunted Bellair Home, beautiful inside

My friends Bellaire Home, nice to investigate and beautiful inside
Active Grainery, search this pic, we counted a few

Interesting museum of the dead's haunted possessions

Interesting museum of the haunted possessions

A tunnel with a past in southern MI