So You're Thinking of Joining Us
It's great to add new members to our team.  To become a member, it's not just filling a spot, you're becoming a member of a family.  When you work this closely together, trust, respect, and feeling comfortable is a must.  We have both a fun and a serious side like anyone else.  We are involved in the paranormal for similar reasons.  With that being said, here are the rules, expectations and what you need to know.
Team Organization

****Attend at least 6 investigations a year, which are typically on a Saturday night.  We also have 1-2 Weekend Getaway's a year.  It consists of typically 2-3 back to back investigations along with other fun things over a 3 or 4 day long weekend.

****There will be a set day and time to touch base on Zoom, once a month, it will be a team meeting to discuss issues, upcoming events, goals, findings, etc.  The dates are on the calendar almost a year ahead.  Team members will be expected to attend meetings through Zoom, unless there is an emergency or it's been previously excused.  Only 4 excuses per year.  If you plan on attending the upcoming investigation, you need to absolutely attend the Zoom mtg prior (usually 2-3 days prior to the investigation), and get your evidence to me prior to the next scheduled meeting.  There are typically details to know prior to and topics to go over after the investigation, regarding the investigation, including evidence.  If you can't be at home online, be on while driving or elsewhere.  It's only 1 time a month and the entire team is expected to be part of this, not only a very few.

****Make sure you make your deadlines.  If you plan on attending an investigation, make sure you pay the deposit and the individual amount on time.  Some locations are hard to get and book up a year in advance, they need to be reserved immediately, and some are not as rushed.  The account is a good way to be prepared.  The individual cost is not set in stone, it depends on how many people commit to going based on paying their deposit.  Investigations are paid for in advance and the other members rely on your reservations in order to determine their cost.  If you can not attend an investigation that you previously paid for and you are unable to find another person to take your place, it is non-refundable.

****Watch the Calendar to mark out what days that you will be unavailable asap.  When scheduling our investigations, whenever possible, I will try to find  date that not only the location is available, but also the majority of us.  Those that have many weekends that are otherwise booked up, it is impossible for everyone to plan around it.  

****Watch the Spreadsheet to find out how much the investigation deposits and total cost is per person.  There is also an account for each person that will show what you have in your account that can be paid towards an investigation.  You can send it through CashApp at $FEARInvestigations  at any time for whatever amount you choose.  It is easier to have it in your account, so you don't have to hurry and find the money for a deposit, when the investigation has to be reserved immediately.  

****Check the website now and then for updates as well,  

****Participate in our FB Messenger chat room, don't be shy.  It is our main communication.  You may want to check it  daily.  Some days there may be a lot of chatting,  and then nothing for a couple of days.  If you skip a few days, it could be hard to keep up with.  We also want to make sure that you're alive, lol.   

****Keep up with your possible evidence, recordings, pics, etc.  It can be a real pain, but it would be great to add it to the website.


****Following the team rules are important, but even more so are rules at the locations.  By not following the rules in the contracts that the locations provide, you not only made it look bad on you but also on the team.  It can easily kill a reputation and trust. 

****We are professional when we deal with clients.  This is what they expect and this is what we will give them, along with compassion and understanding.

****Be loyal and a committed team member.  If you are a member of FPI, you need to only be a member of FPI.  The way social media is now, it doesn't take long for someone to bring it to my attention, that a team member of FPI might be planning/thinking about joining another team.  If this is the case, then you need to leave at that time.  Loyalty, faithfulness and trust are very important to a team.   As a rule of thumb, paranormal teams do not have members on other teams. 

****Be 18 years of age.  Many locations have rules that members have to be over 18, due to their insurance/liability, it is out of our control.  

****Do not be under the influence of mind altering substances during investigations.  If you have any questions or concerns, please get with me privately.

****Do not have any felony convictions     

**** Be free from serious mental illness.  Not meaning to be discriminatory, but this is for everyone's protection, especially yours.  If there is an issue that I am not aware of, I can't be aware of possible triggers or potentials dangers and how to help you.  If you are not sure on this, speak with me privately.
****I would also like to know if there are any health concerns ahead of time.  The reason being, if there are situations that may come up, where it wouldn't be beneficial for you to be or not be in a certain situation, then we can prevent it.  I have them (strobe lights)and I inform the team so they can be aware of it.   Individual fears are also good to know ahead of time, such as  spiders for some.  As for myself, I don't hide the fact that I am deathly afraid of bats.

****Disregard of the above behaviors is grounds for being let go from the group.  You will get one warning and if there is another behavior that goes against group rules and expectations, any and all money that had been deposited towards investigations is non-refundable.

****I will no longer "hunt" you down.  I don't have the time for that.  If you have not reached out to me on your own privately, or in one of the many ways, such as attending a Zoom mtg, an investigation  or even on messenger in more than 3 weeks, I will assume that you are no longer interested in being on the team.  If you so choose, you may be welcomed back, depending on the circumstances.  It is not fair for me to try and track you down and find out what is going on, nor is it fair to the team members who are there, and have regular interaction.

****Please do not ask me something, that you can find yourself.  If you have a question on something and it is not on the calendar, chat, spreadsheet, etc, then ask me.  I can no longer take the time to look up something that you can look up for yourself first.

****When it comes to investigations, we need to lock it in as soon as possible.  Some teams have their entire following year planned 3 months before the current year is over.  I would like to see us plan the 12 investigations and the 3 events of the following year, the same way.  If there is an opportunity then we can add in more investigations here and there, if desired.  But, lets get the 15 going and continue it every year, perhaps even building up more each year.
****The team has to pull together so instead of hoping for a volunteer, I will have to delegate.  I feel that this needs to be shared among all team members.  It can be as little as a few phone calls, some research, and many other tasks etc.

Plan for 2024 
There are plans that really should be made, as a team.  Advertising is extremely important in order to have the opportunity to investigate individual homes and/or businesses.  Ways to do this are: a booth at a Para-con, a Halloween Parade, adopt a forgotten cemetery, fundraise, etc.  There are many ideas out there.  We are not able to help individuals in need, if they do not know that we exist!  These are things that set a team apart from just a group of people that only go to locations.  I would like to see this be a team effort  scheduled for 2024, with 3 different activities/events.  There is a difference between a group of ghost hunters and a paranormal investigation team.  Be proud of your team!!

Starting out, you will not need more than a way to record, take pics, a flashlight and tons of batteries.  Your collection of equipment will build in time.  It's not exactly equipment, but you're required to buy a shirt.  There are different designs to choose from.

Experience is not required, you can be a newbie or have years of experience.  All that is needed is a willingness to learn and be a team player.

Other Thoughts
****Remember, you have more to fear from the living than you do from the dead.
****If you don't have the permission to be there, don't.