I'm Amy, the founder of F.E.A.R. Paranormal Investigations.   I reside in MI via NC and CO.  I come from a background of Criminal Justice, Psychology and Teaching.  My first paranormal experience was at age 9, and the experiences have only increased.  Adding it up, I have decades of paranormal involvement.  Throughout those years, I have been the subject of various podcasts, been a guest on podcasts, other media, and a national and international speaker for multiple events on land and by sea (cruise ships).  I've completed too many investigations to count, instructed classes on various paranormal subjects, and conducted tours and public investigations.  I'll continue to do this until I no longer can, at least in my current body, lol.  
Some people find paranormal investigation an interesting hobby, just a fun thing to do once in awhile, or for some like myself, it's a passion.  Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with different interests.   All of us have had some type of paranormal experience prior to being involved on a team.  We have members with 1 yr to 45 yrs of  experience and while we are investigating, we bring it all together.  We all have a desire to learn more, along with a love for exploring. The members all live in different parts of Michigan.  We investigate at many different locations, with most being in the states of MI, IN, OH, and further.
Now On to the Team!!

The Energetic One

Jamie has been doing investigations for years and is a great help when it comes to leading.  A bit stubborn and if  her mind is set on something, she rarely gives up.  She has a huge preference for larger places and she will be determined to find the answers to "is it haunted?"    

The Shy One
Kellie has been investigation for quite some time with her childhood friend, Jamie.  She is the quietest one, maybe the shyest on the team.  She has a knack at getting locations to respond to her messages when I'm unable to; a magic touch.

The Busy Bee
Caitlyn is probably the busiest member of the team.  Between various jobs and friends it doesn't leave her with a lot of time for her paranormal love.  She is a combination of strong-willed and passionate in all areas of her life. 
Ms. Dr. Doolittle
Kristyn is our Dr. Doolittle although she does plenty with her schedule.  She loves animals, and I'm sure they don't mind having her as their Dr.  Kristyn has always had an interest in the paranormal and enjoys investigating.  She is one of the calmest members on the team.
Our Brother
Austin is a brother to everyone, always willing to help others out and very easy going.  He has always been interested in the paranormal. He is open to learning more and taking on anything new, including cryptids, and situations that others might avoid.      

The Viking
Ed is our Viking/MMA fighter with a heart of gold.  He is a Veteran and has a very strong connection to the Colorado Springs area.  He has an interest in all things paranormal, loves the outdoors and is willing to learn as much as he can about it all.

The Boxing Bookworm

Amy is one of our newest members.  She is fascinated by the paranormal, has the desire to gain more knowledge, and open herself to more.  You can usually find her intensely working out at the gym or curled up with a good book.

Modern Martha Stewart

Melissa has a history of the paranormal from childhood, due to living in a haunted house in Maine.  She continues to be captivated by by the paranormal even more today.  She states that she enjoys gardening, cooking, baking, reading, and throw in some Cross-Fit to push her limits further.